As other teams struggle to find defensive backs, the Rams boast 8 DBs who could start on other NFL teams The LA Rams have a bit of a problem in the defensi...

LA Rams secondary boasts 8 starting caliber DBs

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The LA Rams boast one of the most talented and deepest defensive backfields in the NFL. For the cornerbacks?  The Rams have seven in the immediate mix, plus new additions signed after the 2020 NFL Draft.


Player                         Height/Weight           NFL Experience               College
Jalen Ramsey            6-foot-1/208-lb        5th year                             Florida State
Troy Hill                      5-foot-11/183-lb      5th year                             Oregon
Darious Williams     5-foot-9/187-lb         3rd year                             Alabama-Birmingham

Player                         Height/Weight           NFL Experience               College
David Long                5-foot-11/196-lb       2nd year                            Michigan
Terell Burgess          5-foot-11/202-lb       Rookie                                Utah
Donte Deayon          5-foot-9/159-lb          4th year                            Boise State
Adonis Alexander    6-foot-3/205-lb          3rd  year                            Virginia Tech
Tyrique McGhee       5-foot-10/187-lb       Rookie                                Georgia
Levonta Taylor          5-foot-10/190-lb       Rookie                                Florida State


Player                         Height/Weight           NFL Experience               College
John Johnson            6-foot-0/209-lb          4th year                             Boston College
Taylor Rapp               6-foot-0/208-lb          2nd year                            Washington
Jordan Fuller             6-foot-2/203-lb          Rookie                                Ohio State
Nick Scott                  5-foot-11/201-lb       2nd year                            Penn State
Jake Gervase             6-foot-1/212-lb          2nd year                            Iowa
Juju Hughes               5-foot-11/188-lb       Rookie                                Fresno State

How can the team determine who remains on the active roster, who slides over to the practice squad, and who will return the team’s playbook?

The LA Rams carried six cornerbacks and five safeties into the 2019 53-man active roster. We can instantly assign three cornerbacks, two safeties, and two drafted rookies to the Rams 2020 roster. So that means Ramsey, Hill, Williams, Burgess, Fuller, Johnson and Rapp will make the roster. So who will the remaining four players be?  I believe the Rams will look to Alexander, Long, Taylor, and Scott to round out the roster.

That’s not to say that the others are gone.  Of the four who do not make it to the Rams active roster, they could be signed up for the practice squad. That includes Deayon, McGhee, Gervase, and Hughes.  While the Rams may not move to carry the remaining four, I suspect the team will be reluctant to part ways with players whose value will only increase in Staley’s defensive scheme. Defensive backs will be counted on to player outside, slot, or deep coverage, as well as move a defensive back in for a linebacker role on many plays. The Rams defensive backfield is one of the strengths of this defense. Will it be enough to compensate for a very young linebacking corps?  Time will tell.

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